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Galvisul - Founded in 1994 by Eduardo Oliveira.

The company GALVISUL has as main activity, the Project and Development of works of Special Technical Installations in the construction industry and public works, as well as civil construction and urban infrastructure.

We have a vast portfolio of works carried out, which highlight the work carried out in various ETAR, Hypermarkets, housing developments, Expo 98, restaurants, hospitals, industrial buildings, public schools, office buildings, Shopping malls, car parks, etc...





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Based in Sacavém, in the Lisbon area and with a warehouse in Moita, we have a wide range of equipment, and a highly qualified and experienced staff resulting from our 25 years of activity.

Our Services

In the face of the diversity of services available, Galvisul allows in a convenient, efficient, responsible and with the commitment to meet deadlines, also the realization of Turnkey Projects

Water and Sewage, Compressed Air and Gas Installations
Water and Sewage, Compressed Air and Gas Installations

Technical facilities with quality and speed. Contact us for a quote.

Electrical Installations
Electrical Installations

Our Experience gained over the years make us your best Partner.

Fire Detection Networks
Fire Detection Networks

We are specialists in Fire Detection Network Installation.

Heating Installations Central, New
Heating Installations Central, New

We design and install Central Heating Networks.

Security Facilities
Security Facilities

Contact us for a quote for any type of Security Facilities.

Maintenance of Facilities and Equipment
Maintenance of Facilities and Equipment

Contact us for Professional Maintenance Services.

We carry out Special Technical Installations in Supermarkets, Hotels, Hospitals, Housing and Industrial Buildings, Schools, ETARs, Sports Venues, etc...

We carry out projects in Solar Thermal, in Houses, Buildings and Schools. We have as examples: Buildings in the Village of the Capuchos and the Basic School of Pias.

The Construction Activity is carried out under association regime. Galvisul brings together the necessary team according to the specificities and deadlines of the Project. Some examples: Palmela City Hall Exhibition Pavilion, Palmela Tecológica Lecological Pole and UNICER Facilities. We are also prepared to carry out Turnkey Projects.


Resultado de 25 anos de Experiência, a Galvisul detém um vasto Portfolio em Projectos de Instalações especiais.

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Galvisul is proud to provide service to national reference partners.






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